Initial Musings

We are hoping to document our adventures of renovating/ restoring our home. It was built around 1905-1908, as the Manse for St. Andrews United Church. We are collecting documentation to confirm the actual dates it was built.  After viewing fire plans from 1911 we know that the house has undergone one addition. Inspection tells us it had a fire in the basement, and over the years with changes in reverends at the church it has had many renovations.  Over the coming weeks, I plan to post a history of the house along with our future plans. We purchased the house in May of 2016 and so far have tackled two bedrooms, removed some carpet in the living room, had a very large tree removed from the back yard,  and have begun the process of restoring the staircase. So far, much of the work has been removing wallpaper and carpet glue, while we have avoided some larger jobs. With larger jobs still to come, we wanted to have a way to share and keep a record of our progress.

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