On Becoming a Wallpaper Enthusiast

There are few things in renovations more annoying than having to remove wallpaper. (Except maybe scraping carpet glue from hardwood floors, but that is a different post for a different day). Most rooms in the house have more than their fair share of paper, with some rooms having as many as 11 different layers.

That is where things get interesting.  Past choices not to remove the wallpaper mean that the house reveals bits and pieces of its character with each layer we peel back.

We have attempted to document the differing layers, and have kept samples from each different piece we find. Kayla hopes to use the pieces in a large framed collage to hang as a nod to the history of the house.

This was found under 6 layers in the stairwell. The colours of the flowers must have been beautiful when it was first hung. To the left, you can see a piece of what we believe was the original wallpaper.
These beauties are buried in 11 layers of wallpaper. The golds are stunning.
Made in Canada.
Layer three in the spare bedroom.

When all is said and done, we will have spent hours removing wallpaper in this house. While this is a tedious job, being able to peel back and see bits of history one layer at a time leaves us feeling like every room is a treasure hunt.

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