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The Tree

One of the most impressive things about the back yard was the large ash tree that dominated the back corner. We knew looking at it that it would eventually have to come down, but we were hoping it would be later rather than sooner. Unfortunately this spring in a wind storm, a large branch was knocked down. We were then scared to let our daughter play out back, and were very nervous that more would come down in the neighbouring yards. 

The opportunity arose that we were able to pay to have the tree taken down, and then donate the milled lumber to a local high school. I felt much better with the decision to cut it down with the lumber going to students.  Images don’t do the size of this tree justice. The men who fell the tree figured it was around 60 years old.  It took around 5 hours with a boom truck to take it down. This was followed by 8 hours of work to mill it, and another 4 hours of clean-up and repairing damage done by the tree as it fell.  

We learnt so much during this experience.

  • How lumber is milled. We had never seen it done, let alone been able to help out. 
  • There are a lot of nails in a 60 year old tree. Sorry Cayden!
  • Ash tree smells like a barnyard (upon consideration, it is probably the other way around).
  • We have some great alumi from the high school and such a supportive community (we already knew that). 
  • We don’t own a big enough chain saw. 
We will do clean-up we said. Don’t worry about it we said.
Using the two year old as a size reference.

Look at that grain.

We can’t wait to see the built/finished projects. I will update with pictures. 

We now have two large stumps to deal with. One that was there when we bought the house, and the other from this tree. 

1 thought on “The Tree”

  1. You can rent a stump grinder or make fairy houses, maybe it would be a fairy hotel seeing as the stump is so big, lol


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