You can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs…

We are at the stage in the renovation where as we start to pull back the layers and make a big mess we start to wonder what we were thinking. At this point it has everything to do with timing. Nothing we are finding is surprising or alarming.

  • Cracks (check)
  • Repairs made with duct tape (check)
  • Damage to the plaster that needs to be repaired (check)

We are more concerned about timing. With the school year starting back our Reno times will be cut back, which means living in a construction zone while working, which is never fun. 

Plaster over the stairs peeled back easily.
Wallpaper came down in a couple of hours of work.
We thought the ceiling was a matter of scraping, but as the wallpaper came off it became clear that there were two layers of drywall. The trick will be to get it down without damaging the plaster underneath.

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