Who would notice if I paid 125 dollars to restore the closet rods?

Renovations have taken a back seat this week as we have made a trip to Toronto. Between appointments, and a couple of Jay’s games, we took visit to The Door Store. They have a wide assortment of antique hardware, archtechtuals, registers and  and reproductions spread over two floors. I thoguht I had died and gone to heaven. From the time we stepped into store, I apologized for the amount of time we we’re about to spend just looking. See I didn’t have any measurements with me. Lesson learnt they will be saved in my phone very shortly. 

The staff were very friendly and everyone looking for help had great service. We knew at that point we were just gaukers so let staff focus on paying customers. 

We are on a mission to hide a few unfixable issues pervious dewlers have left us. First being a couple of holes awled and cut through the baseboards to run electrical.

We thought the following if we backed it would be a good fit, but waiting on measurements:

Some other goodies that I would have gladly went home with, sadly money just needs to be filtered to other projects. 

Coat hooks, oak
I would put this in my porch. Matt who scowls at most things old even like this one.
I would love a door knocker. Need a new, old door first.
Door knobs, anyone?
Cast iron register
We have most of the original cast iron registers in the house, but four will need replacing.
I would love for this chandelier to be hanging over my dining room table.

While exploring we found a barrel with brass rods that could be used for curtains or closets. This prompted a conversation between Matt and I.

Me: Who would notice if I paid a $125 to restore the closet rods?

Matt: No one, but you would know. 

A very smug me: You are right. I would, and I would love them. This is me ignoring the fact that the original rods in our house are wood. 

This man knows just how proud I would be of that fact. Unfortunately, at this point in time the necessity is spending money on the cut joists, leveling floors, and repairing plaster, and not the oh so pretty closet rods. I now know where The Door Store is, and we will be back. 

I have avoided doing any real antiquing, in fears I would fall in love with things I couldn’t afford to buy. This trip has confirmed that with the structural work underway there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Any must see places on your list for an old home owner?

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