The Chimney is Down… Mostly

So after a few days of work by Matt and other family members, the chimney was dropped to the second floor bathroom.

This past Sunday we decided to make the big push to drop it all the way.

After a long 12 hours of work, Matt and I were able to see from the attic all the way to the basement. Work started slowly, but picked up pace when we hit the softer clay bricks in the kitchen.

Throughout the day, we found a mouse nest in the wall made with old shirts and newspaper shreds from the 1930s.

We hit a section of the chimney with a birds nest of branches, followed by two feet of solid soot and ash. It was very lucky this house didn’t burn to the ground. The ash left both of us looking worse for wear.

Despite having plasticed off our work areas, it left the house covered in a fine layer of dust. I shudder to think how bad it could have been without the sheeting.

We now have a very interesting view from our second floor bathroom into the kitchen. At least it is easy to get laundry downstairs! We have baby gated the holes as a temporary measure, and will frame and plywood over this coming weekend.

We still have a bit or work to do in the basement but we are that much closer to leveling the floors. However, the first job will be to scrub the house.

A very big “thank you” is owed to family who watched our daughter throughout this process, and to my dad who hauled three trailer loads of bricks to be dumped!

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