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New Lighting for the Foyer

I have a love affair with lighting for our house. When we first moved in I wanted modern lights with a nod to the vinatage.

As I have spent time in the house, I have come to hate the new lights. They do not fit. They look too small, cheap and airy. I want lights that have substance and tell a story, just like this house. The longer I am here, the more I am sad that the house lost its original fixtures. Not that it looks like it had many to begin with.

When we moved into the house, it had a single light with a Tiffany-style shade hanging in the dining room. It was so dark, I hated it.

I replaced that light with a new pendant light. Which I love, but not in this house. It would be perfect for a new build.

This light will eventually be replaced by a period chandelier. Unfortunately I am learning that my taste in lights is expensive. So the dinning room light will wait until we are ready to renovate.

This leads me to the foyer. Now the light in there is nothing special to look at.

It’s a 90s five light pendant. While it is nice and bright, and not actually a horrible look for the room, I am replacing it with a cast iron and brass chandelier circa 1920s and 30s. It will be a beautiful addition to the house. I bought it more for the colours than anything else. Unfortunately it is missing it’s original ceiling plate, but I am okay with that. Nothing in this house is perfectly original.

The light has been ordered. It is going to be a long few weeks before it arrives. Not that I do not have a lot of plaster work to do first!

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