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New Year, and nothing to update! Lies!

The blog has been quiet not because there is nothing happening, but because progress is very slow. Being back at work means that the free time we do have we choose to spend with our daughter rather than renovate, so work happens in spurts of an hour at a time.

We have also spent more time in deconstruction, making everything look ugly. This means I don’t take many pictures.

Looking back on the jobs that were done this year, the changes are slowly taking place.

To remind everyone of what we started with I have used the realtor photos from when we bought the house two years ago as a comparison.

There was a lot of furniture, and the house felt very dark, despite all of the windows.

In the living room, we have pulled up the carpet and put in our own furniture, which has already made a big difference. We have since changed out the curtains, which further lightens the room.  The wallpaper will be stripped in this room sometime this spring. As much as I would like to remove the ceiling fan, it will stay as it is a necessity in the summer heat.



Outside we added eavestroughs, removed the shed that was built on the deck, took down some snow fence that was around the perimeter of the yard, and had a very large ash tree cut down.  This summer we also repointed around the foundation in areas that looked like they needed to be done. This winter we are marking areas we can feel air coming in so we can get that fixed in the spring! So far the basement has been dry, since the addition of the eaves and repointing.


Throughout the house, we removed the chimney in order to prepare to jack the main beam, once the weather is a little warmer. If we could have predicted how warm October and November were going to be, jacking the beam would have been done, but we were too nervous to disconnect the furnace runs that late into the fall.  I had dreams about frozen pipes and having to heat the place with the oven.

The chimney was a big job. Dirty, heavy, and backbreaking. I am still cleaning dust from this venture, despite the fact, we closed off rooms.


The spare room was completed during the spring of 2017. We had guests coming to stay for a month in June so it needed to be useable. This reno took us forever. It was not a big job, but I think it is one we both sort of avoided. We worked in the room right up to the day before arrival. This room needs work to finish it off. It only has a bed and dresser. I need to find more furniture and then decorate, but the hard work is done!


The staircase and hallway are what we are currently working on. I started scraping last August and sort of lost the motivation went it became clear I couldn’t finish without jacking the main beam of the house first. So I am slowly buying the pieces to put these areas together, so it is ready to go when the structural work is finished.

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