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A Spring to Remember- 2018

Just when we thought we were making appropriate, appallingly slow progress on renovations, we came home one evening to find a quarter of our foyer ceiling on the floor. At this point we deemed the plaster unsafe to remain, and Matt with a few wrist flicks had the rest of the ceiling on the floor.… Continue reading A Spring to Remember- 2018

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New Year, and nothing to update! Lies!

The blog has been quiet not because there is nothing happening, but because progress is very slow. Being back at work means that the free time we do have we choose to spend with our daughter rather than renovate, so work happens in spurts of an hour at a time. We have also spent more… Continue reading New Year, and nothing to update! Lies!

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New Lighting for the Foyer

I have a love affair with lighting for our house. When we first moved in I wanted modern lights with a nod to the vinatage. As I have spent time in the house, I have come to hate the new lights. They do not fit. They look too small, cheap and airy. I want lights… Continue reading New Lighting for the Foyer

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Rainy Day Staircase

The staircase was probably the reason we bought the house. Stepping in the front door made quite the first impression. With one problem. The same problem we have throughout the house: carpet. A quick peek during the home inspection confirmed two things: 1. The stairs were oak 2. Carpet had been glued down at some… Continue reading Rainy Day Staircase