In no order of importance our to do list for the house:

  1. Restore all trim and baseboards in the house.
  2. Renovate kitchen.
  3. Turn half bath on main floor to a full bath– find a way to add a door.
  4. Renovate second floor bathroom– find a way to add a door.
  5. Make attic– a third floor usable space, with storage.
  6. Remove all carpet from the house.
  7. Restore staircase.
  8. Re-point the stone foundation. *Priority #2*
  9. Add gutters
  10. Remove Ash tree from back yard.
  11. Renovate daughters room.
  12. Renovate guest room.
  13. Renovate office/ 2nd guest room.
  14. Landscape the back yard to add gardens and storage.
  15. Renovate Den/ Playroom- This has been a two year project. Slow going and interrupted by infertility treatments and having twins.
  16. Renovate Living room.
  17. Renovate Dinning room.
  18. Use jacks to level the house *Priority #1*
  19. Renovate the porch
    1. downstairs: built in closets and seating for a beautiful entryway.
    2. upstairs: Reading room/library.
  20. Remove vinyl siding. Repair, strip and paint wood siding.
  21. Replace all electrical. New priority